La San Marco: 85 Series



Simplicity, efficiency and reliability define this classic line of traditional espresso machines. The La San Marco 85E has been a cornerstone in the building of the La San Marco name as a global leader in espresso machine manufacturing. Extremely durable, these machines thrive on high volume heavy-duty output. Easy to use and maintain, many significant multi-unit operators rely on the 85E to drive successful specialty coffee venues across the nation and around the globe.



Stylish design:
designed with rounded corners and finished in elegant glossy black panels to match any decor. Polished chrome finish available by special order.

Small group head &basket:
creates a deep bed depth for premium extraction.

Independent heat exchangers: dedicated heat exchangers for each group head bring cold water to temperature quickly for optimal extraction.

Ergonomic steam valves handles:
designed as toggle levers with the barista in mind - faster and more durable than traditional twist valves.  

Manual Override: ability to operate machine manually in case of electronic failure NO DOWNTIME!

Optional extended steam wand: optional long steam wands extend past counter space resulting in less mess and easier operation.

Optional POD adapter handle: this unique handle features a customized basket designed to extract all flavors and create a velvety smooth crema
Click here to download a cut sheet featuring the POD adapter handle

Click here to download the standard 85E cut sheet

Toggle Steam Handles

Optional POD Adapter Handle

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